8AN 204 - 'Black Vase' version four
Richard Rooze 'Black Vase' version four 2010 Series of four vases in iridised black inspired by art nouveau models. Version 4,...
DO 7.98 Heart Vase
7DO 7.95 Heart Vase. Heavy crystal heart with colored, partly hollow centre, produced in many colors.
7DO 3.14 - Vase 'Tigerprint'
Richard Rooze Vase, 2014 Glass vase with tiger print skin................ measurements height: 45cm; diameter 26cm
3MN 0401 - Object 'Spring'
Milan Nosek Spring, 2004 Oval object from the series 'Four Seasons', this object represents the spring. Partly hollow, heavy transparent...
1RR 1.09 - Pendant 'Starry Night'
Richard Rooze Pendant, 2009. Pendant inspired by Vincent van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night' Saint-Remy de Provence: June,1889, designed for the...
1RR 12.10a - Pearly Bowl 'India in Paris'
Richard Rooze bowl, 2010 This bowl with double walls has a decoration of pearly studs and was designed for the...
6DEa 4.09 - Vase 'Touch'
Richard Rooze Van gogh, serie
1RR 1.08 - Object 'Stones' (XL)
Richard Rooze Stone object, 2008. Object inspired by Millais painting 'The boyhood of Releigh', designed for the exhibition at the...
1RR 3.11 - Platter 'Brain Wave'
Richard Rooze Platter, 2011 On the occasion of the exhibition 'The Thinker thinks again' at the Singer Museum Laren, Richard...